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Breaking News: Serena Williams surprisingly attacked online for criticizing "Cops" like the ones who found her sister's killers.

When Serena Williams penned this open letter on police brutality and the rash of police killings in the black community I'm sure she didn't imagine receiving this much push back on social media. All of the TV talking heads have praised her to the high heavens for telling the tale of a drive with her young nephew that incurred fear and shear terror when she notice a squad car in the distance. That is what they have to do. You could lose your job for speaking your mind or personal truth in this uber-racial climate. 

Serena Williams is from Compton. She grew up in the 90's. Compton, Ca in the 90's!! Her own sister and personal assistant, Yetunde Price, was brutally murdered in broad daylight by a Southside Crip gang member. Her boyfriend was the intended target when her SUV was riddled with bullets in 2003. After three trials the killer pleaded no contest and got a 15 year sentence. He'll be out in a few years. If Serena is having nightmares, it needs to be about that. Many people are wondering how you can grow up in a self proclaimed "Ghetto" and stay silent on the violence but now want to declare that "I Won't Stay Silent" on the worthy cause of extra-judicial killing of black men by police officers. Those same cops tracked down this unrepentant maniac who slaughtered her sister and put him in a cage for 15 years. All this with zero cooperation from the community. Remember, "No Snitching" and "Snitches get stitches"

If you are pushing forty like me and grew up in an inner city then you easily know 30-40 people that have been murdered. Easy. Furthermore, you probably can't name more than a few black people that you know who would cooperate with police in a murder investigation even if the victim was a family member. That is true fear. Not only of the thugs and gangsters that will kill you if you testify because we all know that witness intimidation is very prevalent in the Black Community, but of being ostracized by the community as whole. The biggest Hip-Hop beef going on right now, Game vs Meek Mill, started because one group of wealthy black men beat a very wealthy black man over the head with a bottle and robbed him and are now accusing another group of wealthy black men of snitching for telling the victim who did this to him. Not the police, the victim. And the majority of blacks think this is justified. "Let the streets handle it" is the motto. These cops still have to find these killers. Just because you won't assist doesn't mean their commissioner is not going to expect results. So they use other tactics like pop up checkpoint, random roadblocks in high crime areas and even the dreaded "Stop and Frisk" which I am a staunch opponent of. 

In closing, I like Serena and I think she has a good heart. I'm not going to go all the way in on her like many people online are but I will say this. I'm selfish. I'm a thousand times more likely to be assaulted, shot or killed by another "Brother" so I want a solution to that dynamic. Some of you all have been tricked into thinking that police pose the largest threat so I really can't blame you for all the protesting, marching and even rioting because that is how people react to deadly threats. Definitely share and get in the comment box.

                   The Game wrote this song in memory of Yetunde Price (Serena's sister) in 2003. 

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Breaking News: Black UFC Champion threatens to punch Donald Trump in the face.

The mainstream reluctantly accepted then grew to champion Colin Kaepernick's method of peaceful protest by kneeling for the Anthem. I don't know how they are going to react to UFC Welterweight Champion Tyron Woodley's claim that if Donald Trump doesn't keep his hometown of Ferguson out of his mouth, the presidential candidate is going to get a fist in said mouth. If you think Tyron Woodley was joking just listen to his own words. He reiterated "I take this serious." This was no flippant comment made in jest. Tyron completely laid out his grievance which was that Donald Trump keeps talking about Ferguson but has never gone to the city. That type of street justice won't play well in the mainstream but it will resonate with many on social media. I'm kind of annoyed by all this tough talk for several reasons. Why punch Donald Trump when not one of the millions of hardcore real n#@gas out there has laid a hand on George Zimmerman? It was a white guy named Eddie who punch George in the face for openly bragging about killing Trayvon Martin in a bar. Secondly, Donald Trump is not the cause or even a contributor to of the issues that effect the black community. He's not a politician. He never voted for a single bill or law. He's a civilian with a ton of money. Hillary called you guys a "Super Predators" and if you keep talking about assaulting a presidential candidate because you don't like what he said, you will be proving Secretary Clinton right. Get in the comment box and let me know what you think.

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Breaking News: Stephen A. Smith pulls race card on Chip Kelly's decision to keep Kaepernick on the bench.

Coming into this NFL season San Francisco 49er starting quarterback Blaine Gabbert was widely regarded as thee worst quarterback in the league. So it's no surprise that through three games this season the statistics prove that Gabbert is again the worst QB in the league. He's last or close to last in every statistical category. It's official folks. Personally, I think RGIII would have worst stats had he not gotten hurt but that's neither here or there. This leads Stephen A. Smith to believe that former embattled Eagles coach, Chip Kelly, is keeping back-up QB Colin Kaepernick on the sidelines because of the Anthem protest. 

I vehemently disagree with that. Chip just got a pink slip from the Eagles less than a year ago. He knows the sting of losing and of being fired. If he felt that he had a dynamic, game changing weapon on his bench I am sure that he would use him. Besides, we are only three games into the season. Now if Blaine stinks it up in the first half of next weeks game I may change my tune. I also can't call Chip Kelly a racist like many of his players on the Eagles and Smith have intimated. Yeah, he kept Riley Cooper but got rid of a couple of knucklehead brothers beloved by Eagles fans. I need more proof than that before I call someone a racist. White coaches should have the right to get annoyed with wanna be gangster rapper running backs and receivers. It's also annoying that racism is even being mentioned when it comes to the Philadelphia Eagles. A team who for the better part 25 years (1985-2011) started a black quarterback. From Randall Cunningham to Donovan McNabb to Michael Vick the Eagles proved to be ahead of the curve when it comes to opportunities for African-American signal callers. 

Sometimes us black people have to step outside of yourself. Look at it from Chip Kelly's point of view. Let's say he puts Kaepernick in the game next week. You do know that he can never bench him again, regardless of how he plays. If Colin Kaepernick becomes the starter it will cause a media firestorm. Every major news outlet will have a reporter assigned to the 49ers beat. If Colin doesn't throw six interceptions a game, many African-Americans will see no justification for him being removed. Even me a black man wouldn't want the task of telling the media that I was benching Colin Kaepernick, unless it was for another black quarterback with similar world views. Eagles fans definitely SHARE and get in the comment box and let me know what you think. 

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