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Breaking News: The Water Bottle Challenge exposes the rocky relationship between white Liberals and Blacks.

Last night Lebron James and his Cleveland Cavaliers stormed into Madison Square Garden amidst the swirling buzz and endless questions about New York Knicks President of Basketball Operations Phil Jackson's use of the word "Posse" when describing the King's close friends and business associates. In the days leading up to the game the New York media did their best to rejuvenate the story which had died a week or so earlier. They got the exactly what they wanted. Both Phil and Lebron doubled down on their original stances and created a tense atmosphere come game time. Well, it really wasn't much of a game. Cleveland beat the crap out of the underachieving Knicks as Phil watched from the stands. They beat Phil's creation so bad that by the 4th quarter all of the key Cavaliers were sitting on the bench goofing off. Their boredom reached epic levels when they decided to create a more competitive game now known as the water bottle challenge. I don't exactly know how the water bottle challenge is played but I do know that it involved tossing a half filled water bottle into the air and making it land right side up. I think Kyrie Irving ended up winning the challenge. This was obviously a shot at Phil. Lebron basically told Phil that your team is so bad that we have to create another game during the game against you guys to stimulate our competitiveness. 

For all of you who don't know about the real Phil Jackson, let me tell you. He's one of those coastal, elite Liberals. A bleeding heart liberal. In his playing days in New York he was known for his wild hair and hippie lifestyle. Phil has championed inclusion and civil rights all of his life. He's the social justice warrior type and for years he coached black players without the faintest whispers of being a racist. If anything conservatives didn't like Phil because of his far left leanings. This is rule #1 for you bleeding heart social justice warriors. You can work for black causes and agree with them ideologically for decades. You can go into the ghetto and tutor and feed little black kids on your day off and if you say or do one little thing they don't like, it's off with your head. You will be branded a racist and discarded like "rinds of strange fruit". You like the Jesse Williams quote, huh?? I'm black and even I must admit that we as a race don't have any loyalty. If you are kissing our ass, the act of coming up for air is tantamount to treason. Also, being labeled a racist by blacks is a lifetime sentence. Regardless of what Phil Jackson does in the future he will always be seen as a racist by the vast majority of the black community.

On the other hand, did you notice how the left leaning Zen Master talks about brothers behind their backs? Lebron and everyone else got caught up on the "posse" aspect of Phil's initial interview that caused this but I focus more on the fact that Jackson was hating like a motherf---ker. This is how many white Liberals are. They will march with you, vote with you and plead for you but behind closed doors they shake their heads and say, "What the hell is wrong with these Negroes??" Don't believe me then get one mad. I bet the first thing out of his mouth is "Uncle Tom", "Coon" or even the N-word. Get in the comment box and let me know what you think.

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Breaking News: Jefferson Parrish Sheriff drops N-Bomb during strange press conference announcing the arrest of Joe McKnight's killer.

During a press conference to announce the arrest of Ronald Gasser the ma who killed former Jets running back Joe McKnight, Jefferson Parrish Sheriff Newell Normand took some time to defend local, black community leaders who had been trolled and bullied online by blacks upset about the pace of the judicial process. Yes he dropped the N-bomb and various other racial slurs but he was reading the tweets and comments of blacks talking about black community leaders. I get called a coon and a sellout over blog posts and articles. I even get threatened so I am in no way surprised that black twitter went ham on everything establishment in New Orleans. I understand that the optics were bad but we have to be able to wait four days for justice before we start infighting and labeling people calling for patience coons. 

Sheriff Newell also said that his officers and the community leaders don't deserve this verbal abuse and hateful rhetoric for the bad actions of two people. Two people? I thought Joe was pleading for mercy while the evil, white Ronald Gasser lorded over, cursed then killed him? After talking to many witnesses and judging from the manslaughter charge, it appears that Joe wasn't so innocent in this case. The Sheriff spoke about people who were intimidated into staying quiet with what they saw and told not cooperate with authorities. This happens all the time in the hood. All the time. I'm more surprised that they got the 160 witnesses to talk and obviously contradict the original buzz of Joe being a complete innocent victim. If not Ronald Gasser would've been charged with murder. Did Joe deserve to die? In my opinion no but if you have a traffic dispute with another driver it is best to stay in your car. No one wants to be a punk or be seen as a sucker but road rage is real. I know people sweet as pie that when behind the wheel turn into potty mouthed demons. Get in the comment box.

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Exclusive: A year after brutal beat down Dak Prescott is on top of the world. What about his attackers??

It's been a year since the unprovoked, brutal beat down of Dak Prescott by a group of young black men at a Waka Flaka concert in Panama City, Florida. A lot has changed Dak's life since that sad episode of Negro nonsense. Dak Prescott is in the midst of leading America's team on their longest winning streak in franchise history. He's a sensation and the leading candidate for NFL MVP but what about the guys who jumped him?? Where are they now?

Here's the thread sent between @str8lafam_dwilson and two men (@BettaCuffYoMain and @4TheLuvOfMoney) after the brutal beat down of Dak Prescott and his Mississippi State team mates.

Of all the parties involved in the incident and subsequent tweets, we were only able to contact LB @BettaCuffYoMain who for the record was not involved in the beating but received the above  tweet from @str8lafamilia_dwilson bragging about it. LB told us he's never been to Florida and declined further comment. The account attached to @str8lafamilia_dwilson is no longer active.

The other man, @4TheLuvOfMoney, who was tweeted at by @str8lafamilia_dwilson about the beat down had his name brought up in some threatening tweets between obvious Dak Prescott sympathizers. His twitter account shows no activity since the day Dak got jumped.

I wish I could've reached the guys who did this to Dak Prescott and his Mississippi State team mate to see if they have changed their lives because this type of behavior only leads to jail or hell. Obviously I don't think the group is afraid of anything because they tweeted about it themselves directly after the incident. Although there are no charges pending because Dak refused to cooperate. I think that it is best for him to move on and distance himself from the pain and anguish of that day both mentally and spiritually. We all take losses in this life. It's how you come back that matters. Still, there's a Nation of Cowboys fans who have Dak's back now and laying low may be the best idea. Especially when you initially bragged about beating up a innocent man for no reason at all. A man who is now among the most famous sports stars in the country. Get in the comment box and let me know what you think.

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