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Breaking News: Ryan "The Rat" Lochte implicates Michael Phelps in Rio Robbery Lie Drama.

Just when we thought Ryan Lochte had sunken to his lowest point possible, we have learned that the slimy swimmer has through his lawyer interjected Michael Phelps into this whole Rio Robbery drama. Sources say that Lochte's lawyer is pushing for a slap on the wrist punishment because the USOC was very lenient with Michael Phelps' 2 DUI's and marijuana possession. For which Phelps was suspended for 6-months. Of course Lochte is behind this. He's proven to be an unscrupulous individual. He's always been jealous of Phelps. If there was no Michael Phelps then Ryan Lochte would be "Michael Phelps". That's a real punk move, bringing up somebody else's past dirt while you are embroiled in your own scandal. I had forgotten that Michael Phelps routinely got behind the wheel drunk, endangering the lives of everyone on the road.

After all, Phelps could've killed somebody sources say.This is true but Lochte's lie also could've led to death. If Brazilian officials had believe him there would have been sweeps and raids all through the ghettos and slums that surround Rio. Who knows what would've happened. Especially since the inhabitants of those areas were given strict warning to stay away from the Olympic compound. Lochte's lawyer says that he understands that his client must be punished but that anything deemed heavy handed would be an attempt to cajole the blood thirsty masses who want to see the pompous, punk "Lochte" slammed for this reprehensible act. So I'll leave it up to you. What do you think?? Should Lochte get more than 6-months and was his crime worse than Phelps'??

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Breaking News: Josh Norman has strong opinion on Redskin nickname after revealing he is half-Native American.

 First let me educate all the non-blacks. Black people are notorious for claiming that they have Native American ancestry. If you speak to five blacks, two of them are gonna say they are part Cherokee or part Navajo. Those are the only two tribes we know. Don't let the black person have a straight or wavy grain of hair. Then you can almost guarantee they are gonna claim half Native American. 

That being said, I believe Josh Norman when he says that he has Native American ancestry. Because of his notoriety and this information age we live in if he is lying he will be quickly uncovered. Josh really confused me when he told Yahoo that he "Redskins is not offensive to me. I'm part Native American on both my mom's and my dad's side. It's kinda a funny thing though. A Redskin playing for the Redskins." I wonder if Josh would have been that understanding had the team been named the Washington Darkies"?? I mean it's only referring to skin color. Technically it's not a slur, right? I couldn't do it. Especially if I was the most coveted free agent on the market and could play anywhere in the league. 

This plays into Daniel Snyder's rhetoric that the Native American community is divided over the offensiveness of the name. Still, that's no justification for using the name that is obviously offensive to some Native people. Get in the comment box and let me know what you think

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Breaking News: Blacks and Whites clash online over media's treatment of Gabby vs Ryan Lochte.

If you are my age then you remember Susan Smith. The South Carolina mother who drove her kids into a lake and told the police that a black man car jacked her and kidnapped her kids. Her plot was eventually uncovered but not before many black men were unnecessarily questioned and suspected. That's what makes Ryan Lochte's fantastic lie so appalling. Upon hearing of this robbery of four American swimmers, I'm sure the Rio Police Department and even the Brazilian Army went through every slum in Rio, shaking down people, doing random searches and probably brought in every hoodlum they had on record for questioning. 

Everyone sees the Rio that NBC and the Brazilian government wants you to see. The one of tall, tanned European descendants with perfect tans mixed with a sprinkle of bi-racial ethnics. The real Rio is far different. It's a city and region full of short, dark, poor people. Many Amerindian and African. Along with a huge Pardo population. Pardo is what we would consider bi-racial or people who people who are clearly of mixed ancestry. Down there they don't follow the one drop rule. For instance, Jesse Williams, Zendaya and Drake would all be considered Pardo. These Amerindian, African and Pardo people predominantly live in slums that make American inner cities look like Disney Land. These people have also been marginalized and as a result make up most of the Brazilian under world. These people are the people that the world was worried about prior to the Olympics.

Now you have African-American Negroes online saying that the media railroaded Gabby Douglas for not putting her hand over her heart during the playing of the National Anthem but is letting Ryan Lochte off the hook for his literal crime. First let me say to you black folks that talked about Gabby's edges and bullied her on social media, "Really??" So it's okay for you to clown her hair but white people can't criticize her for the way she honored the flag?? Gabby got dragged through the mud by African-Americans and got chastised by whites. Yes, the white media needs to stop referring to this 32 year old man as a "Kid". They also need to stop calling it a mistake. This was a cunning, devious and self serving, although unnecessary lie. Still, they are not letting him off the hook. He is getting 24 hour, lead story coverage on all the major news outlets. No one is getting off the hook here even though he won't be extradited to Brazil to face his punishment. Get in the comment box and let me know what you think about this.

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